An Update is Available and Ready to Install

An Update to Michelle 2.0 is available and ready to install…

I’m pretty certain that I’m approaching Michelle 3.0, if I haven’t already.  I guess that will be determined in the rear view mirror.

I’ve had this blog for about a year and a half, maybe a tad longer.  I’ve done a TON of changing over that time.  I spent a lot of time exploring dating and weeding out what I like and don’t like in dates and partners.  I’ve explored types of relationship structure.  I’ve shared a lot of details (with permission) and I’ve hopefully enlightened many of you, maybe even opened doors.  I’ve lived a very public life exploring polyamory and kink.

If you popped into this blog late and thought you could read a post even from 6 months and think you know present day me, boy are you wrong.  It’s been a wonderful journey of self discovery.  But know that that person probably doesn’t resemble me very much.

What’s changed?  I’m not sure I want to make a list.  But I think I can do an ok job explaining who I am right now.

  • BDSM… I’m still very much into kink but my role has definitely changed.  I am certainly a switch (and not just in play).  I recently wrote something that described me very much like this:  “She wants it all.  She wants to be the sensual domme as well as his baby girl.  She wants a devoted submissive as well as a dominant Daddy.”  I happen to be in a relationship that allows me that fluidity and I’m thankful for that understanding and cooperation.  
  • Poly… that’s a complicated one.  I won’t say never, but right now I feel very mono-amorous, as compared to poly-amorous (amorous meaning love).  Meaning I really love just one.  I have a ton of love in my life and I have amazing loverships and friendships.  I love a lot.  I have a lot of love to share.  But where my heart is home is with one.  If I could feel that way about more than one I wouldn’t turn it away.  But right now, that’s not my experience.
  • Sex… I’m not monogamous.  I don’t like the restraints and expectations that come with monogamy.  I like flirting.  I like kissing.  I like the option of sex.  I like not having to hold those parts of me back.  I don’t have a local sexual partner but it doesn’t mean I’m not open to one.  I am.  I’m just not in a state of scarcity.  I am living in abundance and when the right friend(s)/partner(s) enter my life… wonderful.  But I’m not on the hunt.
  • Physical Affection… That’s still a big requirement to my happiness.  I get plenty of that from my partner, loverships and friends.  I’m very blessed.  Also, as a professional Cuddlist and Cuddle Party facilitator, I have the opportunity to share my affections with others who put nurturing touch high on their list of needs.
  • Career… As mentioned above, I’m drawn to the non sexual intimacy field.  I feel like I’m on the right path and am working to build clientele and cuddle communities here in Kalamazoo as well as in San Diego where my partner lives.  I’m considering expanding that out to some other forms of intimacy coaching, workshops, etc.
  • Friends… I have amazing friends.  So many I consider loverships.  I find myself in tears, often, so thankful for all they bring to my life.  They are forms of partners, all of them.  My life is so rich and full of love because of them.  I’ve never felt more accepted and appreciated.

As you can see, all the many important segments of my life are in alignment and very much meeting my needs.  I feel more like I know who I am than I ever have.  Michelle 2.0 was about figuring out what I wanted and who I was outside of the constraints of my previous marriage.   Michelle 3.0 is about settling into who I am and shining at what I love.

Michelle 3.0 also feels like being much more private.  As such, this blog has slowed down.  I’m going to officially step away from it for a bit.  I hope you continue to find inspiration in my previous posts.  You can also feel free to follow me on Facebook or Twitter, on my personal pages.

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