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“Is it OK for me to have a blog about sex (I think this blog is actually more about relationships) and use it to promote my professional cuddling business?  I am asking people to see me as a sexual being and then to engage in non-sexual touch.  I mean, they are adults.  They should be able to separate the two.  I am a sexually liberated woman.  I’m not a woman that is for everyone’s ‘use’.  The general public can separate that, correct?  I hope they can separate the two.  There will be people that can’t. The screening process should help drive away those that can’t imagine cuddling without sexual contact.  I feel good with holding boundaries.  Yeah, it should be fine.  That’s what you are trying to do in this world.  You are trying to educate the general population about healthy sexual boundaries and expression.  Go for it!”

That’s the conversation I’ve had in my head many times lately.  But here is a funny story… A long time ago, back in the beginning stages of Michelle 2.0, I had a gentleman ask if I wanted to come cuddle.  He says I asked him.  Who knows.  That’s not the point of this story.  The quick version is that I assumed that meant sex.  Wow, I’ve learned so much since then.  So I have to give a little wiggle room for society to catch up or catch on.

So here’s the thing, and I’ve blogged about it before.  I need touch. I need affection.  Many of you do too!  For years I’ve looked for that from sex.  I still get some of those needs from sex.   And it is wonderful.  But I don’t need it from sex.  I can get it from touching knees with my friends when we are having coffee.  I can get it from holding their hand in the car while we travel somewhere.  I can get it from cuddling on my big cuddle couch.  In fact, I had a great three way cuddle just last night.  I am a touch slut.  I want to be touching those around me and I’m fortunate that many of my friends are completely ok with that.  But many don’t have those outlets.  Many don’t have people in their lives that they can get that affection from.  Which is why I have decided that I want to offer my services to the West Michigan area.

If you’d like to try the gift of nurturing touch, click my picture below and book a session.  Also, add us on Facebook!




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