Book Review: A Life Less Monogamous

Cooper Beckett, from the podcast Life on the Swingset, has been a friendly voice in my head for two years now.  We’ve shared many interactions online and even geeked out together at a Sex Geekdom Chicago event.  He’s a wonderful contributor in my circle of sex geeks.

Last year I reviewed his book My Life on the Swingset so when he wrote his first novel, A Life Less Monogamous: A Novel About Swinging, he asked if I would like to review it.  Of course I said yes!

I read a lot of resource material more so than reading for pleasure.  But with a subject like non-monogamy, how could I say no?

When I started the book I figured it would be this positive tale of a couple dipping their toes into the swinging lifestyle.  Fun, sexy stories.  I’m not sure why I was so surprised to see the growing pains presented that regularly come along with opening up a relationship.  In retrospect, the growing pains pulled me much more deeply into the story as I saw a lot of my own experience of opening my previous marriage portrayed.

I have to admit, reading this brought back a lot of negative feelings I obviously still need to process from my experience two years ago when my then husband and I added a third partner to our sex life.  It got complicated with feelings and jealousy and all the “fun” stuff.

Thank you, Cooper, for keeping it real.  I felt like maybe what I experienced was quite normal and I could really relate to the main characters.  The growing pains are real, people!

A Life Less Monogamous: A Novel About Swinging was a sexy read filled with a lot of heart.  I can’t wait for any follow-ups, as he’s hinted to a “series”.  Oh joy!

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