Matt’s Dating Tip: Be On Time? No! Be Early!

Matt R is back!  He’s a great date, and you can see why from his tips.  Be sure to look back for his previous tips here and here.  Definitely watch for more tips to come.  

With Thanksgiving happening this week and everyone being so busy, I wanted to proffer a tip that was topical. Everyone is busy these days. Parents, single people, retired folks, and everyone in between all have things that they like to do, and typically, people make time for the activities they enjoy.

Generally speaking, no one enjoys sitting in a restaurant, a bar, or coffee shop, waiting for someone else. This week’s tip is about simply being respectful, and being on time. Being on time shows that you are interested, and that you respect their time, which is the kind of image that you want to project. If you need to cancel, do so at least the day before. If you are running extra late, make a text or a call to the person’s cell. If you get no response, by all means, call the restaurant or bar and ask the hostess to look for your date and advise them of your late arrival. It really is easy to do, because not all locations have great cell or wi-fi reception. So make an effort to be on time, and you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Now let’s go a little further and expand on that a bit. You should plan on being fifteen minutes early. In an earlier tip, I told you what you would be able to do with that fifteen extra minutes, and I will now give you a few more tips to use your time well. I am writing from a man’s perspective, as a man who dates women, so with that in mind, I’ll tell you what I do. If it is a dinner date, I ask the host or hostess about seating options. I hate to be in the middle of the room, because it is typically very noisy and not very intimate. So I usually ask to be seated around the perimeter of the room, or off in a nook or corner somewhere. I tell them it’s a first date and smile a lot, so that usually helps. After that, I usually go to the restroom. That’s kinda self explanatory, but what it does is free up extra time to be with your date, and when they ask where the powder room is, you can point it out like a boss. This is an easy two-fer, so hook it up. Go potty, check your hair and outfit, and relax. Yes, guys do this too, even if they don’t want to admit it.

So with all this done, you can really relax a bit. You got this. You snagged a choice table, you let the hostess know you are on a special first date, you know the restaurant or bar layout, and you are looking good. Why did all of this awesomeness happen? It happened because you are respectful, you care about your date’s time, and you arrived early.

So get out there and be awesome, guys and dolls!

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