Matt R’s Dating Tip: Show Up!

The following is a post written by my friend, Matt R.  I will describe Matt as a handsome, geeky type.  He’s witty and very self aware, which makes for light-hearted, yet valuable conversations.  He’s one of the rare ones that does the work on himself.  He and his wife are fun to be with as there is an easiness to them.  I’ve really enjoyed getting to know them both and greatly value my regular conversations with Matt.  I’ll throw in… he’s fun to kiss too.  😉  

We don’t know how regularly Matt’s tips will post, but stay tuned as they will certainly have value.  

So a little over a month ago, Michelle and I went out, and we decided that we should do some sort of collaboration. We came to the conclusion that people might need some tips on how to make their dating experience better for their partners, and better for themselves.

This tip of the day is the start of what I hope is a large collaborative effort with a great blogger, and a beautiful woman.

So without further ado, here is my tip of the day for November 9th, 2015.

After you have made a connection online, or in person at an event, after you have texted a bit, talked a little, and made the date, there is still one very critical event that needs to take place.

You must show up for the date.

I know, sounds complicated, right? You would be surprised how difficult the showing up portion is for some people. My wife and I have been dating in a polyamorous relationship for about six months, and have both been stood up at least twice.

When you arrive, and arrive early or on time, it gives the impression that you are respectful and value your date’s time. When you don’t show up, you give the impression that you are an insensitive, self-absorbed jerk. There is something really wonderful about showing up at the prearranged location, and seeing your date sitting there, patiently waiting for awesome, slightly early you to walk into the joint like a boss. If you are the one waiting, it is equally awesome to see your date walk in and see you for the first time. So let’s make a pact, you and me. Next time you have a date, plan to be there 15 minutes early. Be respectful, it will come back to you in spades. (I’ll tell you what you can do with that 15 minutes in a tip later on.)

Also, when you show up, you should actually BE there. Don’t show up talking on your phone, or texting. That isn’t being there, it is being somewhere else emotionally and mentally. Talking on your phone, or texting during the date basically says that you do not want to be in the same emotional space as your date. It shows that you haven’t fully shown up.

So you have to ask yourself, which impression do you want to give to a person? Of course it is a respectful and attentive one! Respect and paying attention is awesome, so let’s be awesome!

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