Finding My Community

(I know I’m going to miss people, but this post is really about a few of the highlights, so my apologies.)

Not long ago a gentleman I met on OK Cupid added me to a local poly group on Facebook.  I was a little surprised how many people I knew from the local kink community.  I got a warm welcome and quickly learned it was a really active online community.  I bonded quickly with a few people, we had an instant, easy online connection.

I was happy to learn that there would be a “poly picnic” and I would get to meet these wonderful people shortly.

Two of my favorite travel companions and all-around favorite kinky poly people joined me for the trip north, about an hour, this last weekend for the picnic.  I love “my boys”.

The first person that spotted us as we approached the picnic shelter was a adorable, curly haired woman I had met maybe a month earlier at a (kink) Newbie Night at the playroom.  A friendly, recognizable, face!  We put our stuff down and headed over to say hello.  I introduced her to my friends.

I spotted some others that I had connected with online, as well as some friends from the kink community, and I excused myself from my travel buddies to go say some hellos and share some hugs.  The first woman, bless her, lit up when she saw me approach and she gave me the biggest hug her tiny little body could manage.  She said she was going to cry.  I said no-way, I was always the emotional one so it just wasn’t going to happen.  🙂  We had bonded online over her love of dancing, which I have my own personal insecurities over, and her love of my blog and her connection to my journey.  It was a honor to meet her and to share those moments of connection.

I also got to meet a poly-cule (think molecule of poly people) I had been dying to meet.  I had connected with one woman from this loving tribe online and it was one of those easy, instant connections.  Her partner was also very easy to connect with online.  So getting to exchange hugs and energy with them was something I was looking forward to.  I met the rest of their tribe and I look forward to getting to know them all better.  Easy, warm, welcoming.

I touched based with some friends in that city’s local kink community that I am fortunate to see on a monthly basis.  Then I headed back to rejoin my travel buddies.  We spent a good portion of our afternoon chatting with the kinksters, including the adorable, curly haired woman that greeted us.  She fit in with our threesome well, like really well.  She fit our grove.  I think we all adore her just a bit.  I will even say I have a total girl crush.

It hasn’t taken that long to find and build my community.  I’m coming up on the one year anniversary of the end of my marriage.  In that time I found the kink community first and that has transitioned into the addition of the poly community.  Those that over-lap are really my people.    I’m so fortunate.  My circle grows exponentially.   I’m finding the tribe that feels like home.  I feel less like “non-traditional” and more like “normal”.


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