Date Etiquette

It’s the day after a date.  Will he text me?  Will I text him?  That is what runs through my head, if in fact I enjoyed my date.  And if I enjoyed my date, he knows.  Or I hope he knows.  I’m fairly forward and now days have zero issue initiating a kiss at the end of the date, if not more.  So if that has happened, you know I am waiting for that text.  But I am never patient, ask any of the people in my life, so I whip off a quick, “I enjoyed your company last night” text and the waiting continues.

The other day I wrote about my pet peeve about condoms.  So now I want to talk about etiquette in dating.  Here are MY “not necessarily deal breakers but highly encouraged” tips.  (Note that every person is different, these are mine.)

  • Be on time.
  • Chivalry isn’t dead for me.  I like a door opened, etc.  It gets noticed.  It isn’t necessary and you won’t get dinged in the points department, but it is nice.
  • A phone call the day or so before a date is nice.  With online dating and texting, it can sometimes be overlooked.  It is nice to hear a voice, get a little bit of the unknown out of the way.  I suppose it could also give you a false sense of security.  So still use the buddy system and let someone know where you are going.  I actually prefer a phone call over text for all communication.  It’s more personal.
  • I am happy to pay for myself.  I actually prefer it in many cases.  But I won’t refuse if you insist.
  • That night, after the date, it is easy to send a “I really enjoyed my evening.  Let’s talk again soon.”  At the very least, the next day.
  • If you are really into me, it would be completely appropriate to ask me when you can see me again at the end of the date.  Again, if I am into you, you will know it.  If I don’t make any moves and you haven’t made any moves, you can probably safely assume I’m not really interested.  I’m a pretty forward girl.
  • If you would be ok with sex, if it ends up an option, bring condoms.  (You can read my pet peeve about condoms here) Yes, I have condoms.  I carry three sizes, that’s how prepared I am.  They are always with me, no matter where I am, not just if I think I might have sex.  I don’t even have to think about it.  Check my purse.  They are there.  But as a potential partner, I would think you would want to use the condoms you prefer.  If you don’t have a preferred condom, I have to wonder why you haven’t taken the initiative to find the best one for you.  If anyone reading this has a latex allergy, you should be prepared with latex free condoms, no matter which sex you are.

Consider some of these things when you are on your next date.  We will notice.

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