Pet Peeve: Condoms and Men that Don’t Carry Them

I am a very proactive, risk aware, sex practitioner.  I carry condoms.  I carry multiple size condoms.  I am “that girl”.  (I actually carry a bag of supplies if I know what is planned.)


Halloween, 2014 – I was a “condom size queen”. I passed out condoms to the guests and educated about how to determine proper sizing.

What really disappoints me is that almost all of the men I have been with have not carried their own condoms.  They are the penis owners!  That says to me that they would rather not use them.  That isn’t cool with me.  I require them 100% of the time.  I miss condom free sex.  I do.  But it just isn’t an option outside of a committed, time tested, relationship.

What they don’t understand is that if they took the time to find the right condom for them, condom sex would be better for both of us!  So many times the condom doesn’t fit right.  It causes them to lose their erection and then we aren’t having sex at all, or at least not penis in vagina sex.  Hey, no sweat off my brow.  But they are causing their own disappointment.

I’m going to plug some friends here… Go check out the partnership between Lucky Bloke and Life on the Swingset and get a sampler of which ever size condoms you honestly need.   How do you know what size?  It’s simple.  Grab an empty toilet paper roll.  Put your erect penis inside the tube.  Did it fit comfortably?  You are standard.  If if was loose, you are smaller fit.  Didn’t fit?  You are larger fit.  Now go condom shopping!  Please!

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