Marriage 2.0 – A Movie Review

It was a quiet Sunday morning at home.  I knew it was the perfect opportunity to watch Marriage 2.0, a movie I have heard much about.  There has been a lot of press in some of my sex information circles.

About three weeks ago I heard about Marriage 2.0 on episode 199 of Life on the Swingset, one of my favorite podcasts.  It’s billed as a porn, as it is only available at Adam and Eve (online).   But the way it was described on the podcast, it is more a feature film about “the modern marriage” (non-monogamy) but with great sex scenes.  Being that I didn’t know how exactly to invite friends over to watch porn with me, I knew I would be partaking in my own solo viewing party as soon as I had the time.

A few years back I read a portion of Sex at Dawn: How We Mate, Why We Stray, and What It Means for Modern Relationships, the book the movie focuses on as part of the story.  In the movie, the author, Christopher Ryan, helps you question your beliefs, which I always appreciate. (Here is a great TED Talk with Christopher Ryan I highly recommend.)

What I noticed, and appreciated about the movie, was that the main couple seemed like a healthy, loving couple.  They weren’t exploring non-monogamy as a way to fix their relationship.  What a relief.

Next I noticed that the actors and actresses, while all beautiful people, were very much varied in looks and styles, much like we are in real life.  This also, thankfully, meant that, specifically, the women all looked different.  Their vulvas looked different!  I am a student of Betty Dodson and she rants regularly about how porn vulvas all look the same due to surgery and this desire to have a uniform vulva.  In the real world, every vulva looks different.  Every vulva.  So to see a variety is refreshing.

The sex in Marriage 2.0 is pleasing to watch.  There is a little bit for everyone.  Except I have to say, I was disappointed that we didn’t get any guy on guy.  None at all.  Now it may not have fit into the script, but it seemed so intentionally inclusive that some kind of guy on guy would have been feasible.  I am thrilled to say there is a super hot BDSM scene!

Very important, the sex was real enough for me.  That says a lot.  I enjoyed the movie and would happily show it to my friends.  You have a couple of options for viewing.  You can view it as part of a subscription to Adam and Eve TV or you can buy it Video on Demand.  I chose Video on Demand.  The digital copy is now mine forever.

Bonus:  There are a hand full of sex educators that play themselves.  Fun!  🙂

I hope with enough support we will see more “technically” pornographic movies like this.  It has a good story and great sex.  Perfection (for a porn).

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