Online Dating, My Love/Hate Relationship

It went something like this:

  • Fairly attractive man contacts me.
  • I engage him in conversation for long enough (a good portion of my morning) that he suggest we meet.
  • I agree.
  • He starts to back pedal.
  • I see the red flag and ask a few questions, the first being, “Is your profile pic your actual picture?”
  • Nope.  Thanks.  Now I don’t feel like I know who I’ve been talking to.  Obviously, I didn’t really know who he was, but now it is the first deception.  That is where I bow out.

Today is one of those days when I am so frustrated with a certain dating site that I consider disabling my profile again.  Actually, it’s the fucktards on that site that frustrate me, not the site.  In reality, if I can just see the entertainment value and put some basic rules down for myself, it could probably be kept as a useful option, as I have met a few good matches on this site.  So what would that look like?

Michelle’s NEW rules for engaging with online dating:

  1. They must be local enough that I would drive to see them.  For me, that is no more than an hour and probably towards the larger city to the north of me.  I prefer more local than that, like within a 15 mile radius.
  2. I don’t need pen pals so from now on, unless we quickly bond with great, interesting conversation, I’m not even paying them any attention. To make an exception, I have to find them to be an asset to my life.  I have met a few people that fit this criteria.  Someone I can learn something from.  Otherwise, nope.
  3. They can be “not local” if they are in town for business, but they better speak up quickly and be really attractive.
  4. They get these quick questions, right off the bat, and I am sorry I have to ask these but most don’t fill out their details for a reason: 1.  Is this your actually picture?  2.  How tall are you?  3.  Do you have nice teeth?

I think that is a starting point.  Stay tuned…  Next up, how to scare a this girl away in a few easy steps!


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