The Healing Power of Nakedness and Sisterhood

I stood in the mirror this morning, applying warm coconut oil to my silky, freshly shaved skin.  I love the feel of my own skin.  I looked at my body in the mirror, admiring what I saw.  I’m not a size 16 plus sized (photo shopped) swim suit model but I still love myself just as I am.  I love the curves of my body.  I love the feel of my skin. (I will admit, sometimes pictures still bring up negative feelings.  I’m not perfect.)

I went to my closet and I picked out a pair of panties, knowing that tonight I very well could get partially naked at a BDSM play party.  Something about considering that when getting dressed is kind of fun.

In a previous post, I wrote about ways I have learned to appreciate my body, just as it is.  Today I want to add another exercise that continues to heal me.  Today I want to talk more about being partially naked in public, non-sex situations.  I wrote about it in “Fun with Ropes…” Joining the local BDSM community as well as kink/fetish online communities, I have gained an extra appreciation for my body.  I can witness people loving on bodies just like mine, boosting my confidence.  I can put myself out there without fear of criticism.  The community embraces all body types, all sizes.  It is really one of the most loving, supportive groups I have been involved in.  Is it because they are more sex positive than the general public?  I think that plays a huge roll in it.  The women in that community take care of each other, in my experience.

I ran across this graphic today and it brought back memories of my weekend in NYC last November when I attended Betty Dodson’s Bodysex workshop.  It is the same sisterhood I have in the BDSM community.  Betty and Carlin reminded me how important the sisterhood is.  

Do you know the sisterhood?

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