Chemistry, it was Easier in High School

I was an A student.  I didn’t study too hard in high school.  I didn’t graduate top of my class but I was in the top 10% if I remember correctly.  High school came very easy to me, including Chemistry.

Enter dating.  I haven’t dated since I was 17.  Thankfully, I find it fun to meet new people, because trust me, I will be doing it for a very long time.  *smiles*  Dating is good for me.  It is how I figure out what I am looking for in a mate or mates.  I learn a lot about myself, and where my personal strengths and weaknesses are.  I also learn a lot about failed relationships, communication styles, and people in general.

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The BIGGEST lesson I have learned:  Mutual chemistry is hard to find!  I have dated (meaning met in person) probably 15-20 people through online dating or in-person introductions.  I was attracted to some and the sex was good/great but I don’t necessarily want to see them often or maybe ever again.  I have met even less that I felt chemistry with, meaning the sex was good/great and I really want to keep seeing them and often because I really like them.   Sometimes the other person is really into me and I’m not that into them.  Sometimes I am really into them and they just aren’t that into me.   Chemistry is hard!  Having, if you will, the stars align  and you “clicking” where the other person feels the same – very, very rare, at least for me.  Which is why you have to keep meeting people.

How do I meet people?  I join clubs/groups so that the people I am meeting already share a common interest.  I also use online dating sites.  These help me increase the number of people I meet because it really is a numbers game.  The more people I meet, the better chance of meeting someone I “click” with.  It’s like playing the lotto.  You can’t win if you don’t play!  Go play!

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