Body Confidence, Take 2

Today I wrote about body confidence, but I don’t think I did it enough justice. So I want a second stab at it.

I have had body issues since I can remember. In high school I remember having dreams about trimming out my inner thighs with scissors. In my dreams I was able to bypass any major arteries. Yes, it was that detailed! Here’s the thing, I was hot! I had NOTHING to beat myself up over. I was successful in athletics in high school. I was fit. I was trim. I was attractive. I was smart. I was healthy! I may not have blown away in a stiff wind, but I wasn’t overweight. If I could relive those times, I would run naked through the freezer section at the local grocery store! But instead I spent those years thinking I needed to change just based on thinking things like my thighs were too large. (They w1948185_10152463033824451_998030918710125490_neren’t.) I also thought I needed larger breasts and smaller calves and I’m sure I thought my butt was too big, and that I wanted straight hair. Everyone knows how it goes because we all do it or did it.

Having a healthy body image isn’t dependent on your size. You can choose to love your body, right now, no matter where it is on the scale, the measuring tape, the pant size. It is just simply a choice. Change your thoughts and you change your world. Stop the negative feedback loop in your head. W1381500_10152857420584451_8645243526379542385_nhat you believe about yourself is all that matters.

Am I perfect in this area? No! I have days where I feel confident and sexy, like I can take over the world, and I feel that back from the people in my life that day. They believe me. They mirror back that feeling to me. I also have days when self doubt creeps in and I am sure everyone I cross paths with that day can feel it too. That is why I try not to let it creep in. I hear the thought and I stomp on it the best I can. I recognize it and stop and try to process it. Why do I feel that way today? What am I afraid of? Because it is fear. It is fear rearing its ugly head trying to stop me from living my life.

Today I am a beautiful, smart, curious, intriguing, kind, charming, funny, sexy, curvy woman. I have never felt more attractive in my life, right now, at 39 years old, just the way I am.

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