How does one start over?  I imagine no one does it the same.  I am sure no one has done it the way I am.  This is my story.  I hope you can find some inspiration in it.  The quickie lesson:  let go and move on.

My divorce is final.  18 years behind me.  I almost don’t remember it.  Almost.  It is like a dream.  Life has changed in just about every way possible in the last 6 months.  I know I am not the same woman I was even a month ago.  So you can imagine how many times I have changed in the last 6 months, let alone 18 years.  I say 18 years because that is how long I was married.  But it was really 22 years ago that I met my prior husband.  I was 17.  Obviously I grew and changed a lot over those years.  But the best, most exciting changes have happened in the last 6 months.  What could have been a disaster that left me hardened and jaded, my divorce set me free.  I was forced to acknowledge my dreams, or find some, and take control of my life.

I firmly believe, and have witnessed over and over, that the universe sends people into your life at just the right time. My primary guardian angel has to be Betty Dodson.  Betty Dodson is the “mother of masturbation” and founder of the pro-sex feminist movement.  I cry when I write this because the timing of finding her work couldn’t have been better placed.  She changed my life before I even got to meet her.  While I could and will write many posts about what I have learned from her, I will just say in summary that she taught me to love myself.  She changed the way I saw my body.  With that one super power, I was able to take control of my sexuality.  (Ok, now this is turning into an ugly cry.  I haven’t even cracked my bottle of wine yet!)  Taking control of my sexuality was the start of finding my passion in life to be a sex educator, wanting to help others take control of their sexuality.  It also allowed me to explore sex from a place I had never thought I was capable of.

This blog is my story of my changes, my sexuality, and how you can claim your’s.  This is a blog about letting go and moving on.  This is a story about happiness, about loving yourself.  I’m glad you found me and I can’t wait to share.


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